Terms of service

Editea Terms of Service

Usage of  Editea’s  SAAS tool to easily manage product merchandising in ecommerce platforms by Drag and Drop Interface.

EDITEA offers a long-term collaboration whose purpose is to rearrange items in commerce platforms. The showcase of the company which will be used for existing customers, new costumers and for the platform managers.

In EDITEA, we commit to share with the customer our opulent experience and to guide him through with our staff to support and promote a quality product. As well as supporting and promoting the application’s activity for the best way to the company, fluently and efficiently as full-term partners of success

About Editea

Editea specializes in development of SaaS applications for eCommerce platforms.  As well as the development of modern and strategic tools of marketing and promotions.

Editea offers counseling services, planning, and marketing to costumes from Israel and abroad.

Editea develops onto Magneto since 2017, With highly rich experience with the Magneto platforms, whether in Hebrew or English and specializes with Magneto’s 3rd party integration.

Editea is located in Ashdod, Israel and develops her own line of work without outsourcing.


  • Editea offers a full. unlimited warranty and client support for every code that was developed within Editea.
  • Editea will provide full support of the application.
  • Editea will repair and provide fixes to the entire application’s source and plug-ins provided by the company.
  • Editea will provide service and support for the product assimilation in order to make it work with 3rd party applications.

Any 3rd party’s assimilation after assimilating EDITEA will lead to additional charges

General Terms

The parties responsible and guarantee this fundamental commitment, on their behalf and on behalf of all workers and all working in their behalf, to keep confidential and not transfer or disclose in any manner at any time during the agreement period and after it is finished, any person, body, institution or other party, any full or partial information about the company  EDITEA, which was discovered to them during the engagement and/or as a result of performing the services in accordance with this agreement and not disclose or publish such information, directly or indirectly, whether in the country or abroad, nor for any use other than as part of their services to EDITEA according to this agreement and except for information posted many or public or duly reached by a third party (not the company and/or EDITEA) and not due to breach of the obligation to maintain confidentiality towards those of the parties.

Confidential information

Further, the parties undertake to not make any use of the confidential information, except for use of the vows are in accordance with this agreement. A commitment of the parties pursuant to this section is not limited in time.

If you receive a request of judicial instance or authorized to obtain confidential information (as stated on the side as mentioned above), you must inform the other side about the request and allow him to appeal to the judicial court and/or the competent authority for an injunction within seven business days without disclosing the confidential information.

There was the other side was not approached for an injunction and/or had an injunction request as stated was rejected may move side to it such information but only in the scope required in application and that will make all the efforts to maintain the confidentiality of the information transmitted

In addition:

  • Editea may display a link to the company website and to display the marked the company’s commercial portfolio, and/or on its Web site.

          Editea also has the right to display and advertise the company as one of its clients and this action as stated does not constitute a breach of the confidentiality              commitment. The client will confirm this content before it is published.

  • It is clear that all application code and intellectual property rights, including copyrights which are owned EDITEA property, subject to any third-party licenses and open source licenses.
  • Intellectual property rights work the modules developed by EDITEA will remain owned by EDITEA and receive them in this license and use unlimited time.