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Plug-and-Play Merchandising interface for Magento 1

Editea online visual merchandising interface designed from the ground up to work with your Magento 1 store. Signup for free or install directly from Magento Marketplace and start merchandise your website today with our drag and drop online merhcnadising interface

No technical knowledge is required, Online merchandising changes in Magento 1 can be made real-time in a single interface, thanks Editea online visual merchandising interface. Improved website layouts, better online shopper experiences, and an improved ability to react to market changes are all just a click away.

Try our Magento 1 live demo

Try our Magento 1 live demo

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Once I subscribe, is there any minimum limit? Or I can cancel the subscription any time I want?

There is no minimum period, you can cancel the subscription any time you want and also the first 30 days are free, no credit card needed

How long would it take to get Editea online visual merchandising interface implemented on my current Magento 1 platform?

The implementision of our visual merchandiser on your Magento 1 platform should take no time, 4 easy steps and you can start merchandising your website


You’re only 4 steps way

magento 1 installation step 2

magento 1 installation step 3

magento 1 installation step 4

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