Fast Merchandising Process, Better Site Conversion Rates

Editea Online Visual Merchandising interface enables marketers, merchandisers and eCommerce professionals to dramatically reduce the time required to do online visual merchandising and update online storefronts

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Drag and Drop Catalog Management

Let us show you how to do it right

Our revolutionary Drag and Drop system is so simple and intoative that it will save you at list 90% of your time dealing with your online visual merchandising needs.

Our Developers work very hard for you to easily move thumbnails around the web page, just Drag and Drop and you’ll see the magic ūüôā

Drag and Drop Catalog Management

Real Time Stock Management

Better understand, manage and optimize inventory levels,
leading to improve your online storefront and customer experience

Imagine  how easy your job will be when all the stock information is on front of you

Just hover on product and see all available sizes and quantity in real time.

Real Time Stock Management

Now you can search it

Search engine fully integrated with our drag and drop system We are embarrassed when we look around us and see
that there is no an easy way to manage products by search system.
But Now you can! with our search engine you can type any sku, color or brand and directly drag products from search results to the page needed.

Drag And Drop Search Reasults

Support you in every screen size

This solution supports your online visual merchandising on every screen!

The support ranges all the way from the desktop screen up to your IPhone
Now you can do merchandising to your site on a fly, even with touch screens

Support you in every screen size

Arrange the screen look as you wish

It’s yours decided how many products to see in every line
you can choose also between the sizes of the products on the screen
and can even choose between use in navigation or the decide to work on all the products on one page

Do Online Visual Merchandising

faster & easier than ever before.

We guarantee, you will not use any other service like ours. It’s that good!

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See How Editea Interface shake the eCommerce Merchandising industry
Online  product  merchandising  is  the  process  website  manager  use  to  determine  how  to  best  communicate  their  products  to  their  customers  based  on  customer  and  business  data.
Effective  product  merchandising  ensures  that  website  products  will  be  always  relevant  to  consumers  and  drive  them  to  act.
Editea  is  a  revolutionary  SaaS  interface  solution  for  your  all  eCommerce  Merchandising  needs  in  one  place
Our Online Visual Merchandising interface will make your website products management much faster, accurate and easier to use

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